Trust the BD Rhapsody™ System with your precious samples

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Even great instruments need great support.

The BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System enables high-throughput capture of multiomic information from single cells.

  • Visual workflow QC for confidence in every experiment
  • >80% cartridge capture rate for certain cell types
  • Gentle settling of cells in microwells,
    ideal for fragile cells such as neutrophils
  • Broad range of cell throughput:
    100-40,000 cells
  • Low multiplet rates:
    2-3% @ 10,000 cell load
    8-10% @ 40,000 cell load
  • Minimal batch effects

Decipher your T-Cells With BD Rhapsody™
Single-Cell Analysis System

True Single Cell Multiomics for your T-Cells

Decipher your T-Cells

Profile cell surface markers without panel optimization…

  • BD® AbSeq antibodies
  • BD® AbSeq Immune Discovery Panel
Decipher your T-Cells the expression level of thousands of mRNAs...

  • BD Rhapsody WTA Kit
  • BD Rhapsody Targeted Kit
Decipher your T-Cells

...unravel the TCR repertoire, covering α-, β-, γ- and δ-chains...

  • BD Rhapsody VDJ-protocols
Decipher your T-Cells

...and identify antigen specific T-cells with high confidence!

  • Immudex dCODE Dextramer® (RiO)™
  • Immudex dCODE® Klickmer
BD Rhapsody

Multiomic characterization of T-Cell populations at the single-cell level utilizing sensitive dCODE™ Dextramer® Reagents and BD® AbSeq on the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System

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Simultaneous mRNA, protein, and immune-repertoire profiling of thousands of single cells

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Key benefits

Improve experimental efficiency
Subsampling, targeted gene panels and archiving help preserve precious sample and increase assay sensitivity.

Analyze data like a pro
The BD Rhapsody system provides all the tools needed to analyze, visualize and understand your data.

Experience a total end-to-end system
Complete system, including reagents and analysis software that work together to meet your single-cell experiment needs.

Realize the potential of targeted assays
Targeted panels help lower experimental costs, helping you do more with less.

Choose or design a panel for your needs
Characterize novel and rare cell types using custom or predesigned targeted gene panels.

Capture and isolate cells
The BD Rhapsody cartridge enables single-cell capture and indexing of cells and mRNA transcripts on magnetic beads.

Cost savings and assay sensitivity
Use BD Bioinformatics to help guide your experiments from whole transcriptome amplification (WTA) data to a targeted custom panel for maximum cost savings and assay sensitivity.

Bypass PCR bias with molecular indexing
Patented technology assigns unique cell and molecular indices to generate more accurate transcript quantification.

BD Rhapsody

But your work is about so much more than using great instruments. Your work is done by people, with the ultimate goal of advancing the well-being of other people. And you know, so is ours.

At BD Biosciences, it’s not just the instruments that make the ultimate difference. Our Benelux team is there to support your technical and scientific needs.

Bart Dehouwer - Field Service Engineer - Benelux team

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